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Introducing…The Adrenal Fatigue Code Masterclass


Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re capital T TIRED

  • You want to feel better but you don’t know where to start (or what you’ve tried hasn’t worked)

  • You’ve lost the drive, passion, and joy in your life

  • You crash every afternoon and need extra caffeine just to get through your day

  • You’re feeling forgetful and your mind is spinning with a thousand tasks all day

  • You spend all day waiting for the day to end, missing out on any of the fun or joy the day contained

  • Your evenings and weekends are spent trying to rest so you can (hopefully) feel better.

  • You’re fed up and are ready to get your life and energy back!


I was just like you -

I’m a nutritionist and a recovering Zombie.

I’m also an adrenaline junkie and my health journey hasn’t been a straight line (it rarely is, btw). I’ve healed from Adrenal Fatigue (admittedly, more than once) and I found that -

It’s REALLY hard to do this alone, and for me, it was hard to know how to heal without help.

I’m a Type A personality and I like to do it all myself. I like to research and learn and figure things out. But, even practitioners need a practitioner sometimes.

I’ve learned better self-care and I’ve learned how to heal INSIDE my “busy” life as an entrepreneur (it doesn’t feel as busy anymore, now that I have better balance).

Over the last 10+ years I’ve worked with thousands of people and I’ve noticed that simple changes, ones that work inside your life, are by far the most effective changes.

Let’s heal and support each other in this journey!

Imagine if….

Imagine yourself a few months from now. Just a small springboard into the future.

Imagine in this future you’re feeling much better than you are right now.

You’re feeling more energetic and the things you love (your family, work, pets, hobbies, etc) inspire and excite you again.

Imagine having a full day where your energy is steady and you feel a great sense of “I’ve got this!”

Imagine all of your brain fog is gone and your thinking is clear. You feel totally wide awake.

Imagine your old, super inspired self is back in the driver’s seat.

What would you do with this new-found energy?

How would your day-to-day life be different if you were feeling like a SuperStar again?

What would give to feel this way again? 


I want to feel more energy, but you’ve got some questions…

How am I supposed to find time to do anything else in my day? I HAVE NO MORE ENERGY!

I already have a GIANT pile of “shoulds” running through my head.

I should exercise more, I should take care of myself more, I should, should, should.

I feel totally lost and totally alone.

I’ve created a step-by-step (and easy) action plan just for you!



The Adrenal Fatigue Code Masterclass

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Step-by-Step instructions - each week you’ll receive clear instructions of what food, supplements, and lifestyle habits that will bring back your energy.

Video Tutorials - All the info you’ll need to understand what’s going on and what you need to do.

Daily Support - Access to a Private Facebook Group where your questions will be answered every day.

Recipes and food ideas - lots and lots of quick and easy healthy food ideas.

BONUS - weekly cheat sheets - written for extra exhausted and foggy minds.

BONUS - weekly live Q&A - your questions will be answered in real-time, and will be emailed to the group.

The cart closes at noon on November 6th!

And this online Masterclass begins November 5, 2018

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A simple, step-by-step ACTION PLAN -

Step 1

Let’s get your energy back NOW!

  • Simple, high energy, quick food ideas

  • Direct, simple, specific instructions on what to eat

  • Nutrient and supplement advice for all stages

  • Lifestyle suggestions to help your body recover

Plus -

  • Video tutorials to better understand what’s happening in your body

Step 2

More healing, more food ideas

  • LOTS more food ideas for all levels of energy

  • Easy self-care ideas to raise your energy

  • Learn how to assess your day-to-day energy

  • Guidance on exercise (when and how much)

Plus -

  • Video tutorial on raw food vs. cooked, and a bit about different fad diets (what to stay FAR away from)

Step 3

Real World Self Care

  • Intuitive eating guide - how to eat for your unique body.

  • Learn how to live in our go go go world without getting burnt out

  • More food ideas (for those looking for more recipes)

  • Lots of simple and relaxing self care ideas :)

Plus -

  • Video tutorial on a new way to look at a stressful day

Step 4

Moving forward - how to find balance

  • Guidance on supplements - how long you’ll need them and when to stop

  • Food ideas for a stressful day/week/month

  • What to focus on moving forward

Plus -

Video tutorial - how to get back into your life while staying kind to your adrenals

Please note - all videos can be watched later, when your energy is higher :)

 Now is the time to bring back your energy, vitality, and joy!

It’s time to be a SuperStar again!

Level 1 membership -

  • Gain access to the FULL masterclass

  • All instructions, videos, and recipes included

  • Daily support in our Private Facebook Group

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A calls

  • A lifetime access to all of the materials

    $347 CAD

Premium Membership -

  • Access to EVERYTHING included in Level 1


  • Individualized recommendations through:

    • 1 x 60 min 1-on-1 consult when you start

    • 2 x 30 min 1-on-1 consult when needed

      $597 CAD

Interested in joining this masterclass? Just click the button below and let me know :)


Premium membership is for anyone who -

  •  Is dealing with other health issues (digestive issues, thyroid issues, auto-immune, etc) and is unsure how to combine protocols

  • Is feeling SO exhausted that, especially at first, is concerned that starting the program might be overwhelming and wants personalized recommendations

  • Anyone who is in the late Zombie or Code Red stage

* All consults must be booked within 6 months of starting the program

This online Masterclass begins on Nov 5th!!!

FAQ - How much of a time investment is this program? I’m already so exhausted.

You’ll get specific step-by-step instructions each week. You’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it…no need to second guess or spend time reading or researching.

Each section will also contain bonus materials, to be browsed when you have the time, energy, and interest.

Most importantly - you’ll have all of the info you need at your fingertips :). So, very little time and energy is needed :)

FAQ - How long will it take for me to get some energy back?

The Adrenal Fatigue Code is a process I’ve developed over 10 years, and Step 1 focuses on adding the right (and easy) high energy foods and supplements to bring some energy back as quickly as possible. If your energy is sitting at a 2 out of 10, it’s common to be back to a 4 within the first 2 weeks.

FAQ - I don’t have time to do this program now, can I do it later?

You’ll have a lifetime access to the material, so YES! But, join now to get the early bird pricing. The cart closes on Nov 2nd, and there will be new (and higher) pricing when it reopens next.



Lisa is a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration, not just about what to eat to be healthier, but about how to eat to feel happy and energetic.  I love her positive, realistic, and enthusiastic approach. I highly recommend her! KN in Coldstream

Lisa Kilgour is an amazing Nutritionist she is very easy to talk to and very informative on the subject of nutrition and health matters. I highly recommend you seek her for any advice you have concerning your health… KA in Kelowna