The Real-Life Healthy Eating Workshop

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The Real-Life Healthy Eating Workshop


Bringing healthy food and pleasure together!

In this 3-week guided workshop, you will -

  • Expand your taste buds and create new eating experiences
  • ADD lots of healthy food to your diet and learn to love new foods 
  • Learn what your own body wants and how to eat for your constitution
  • Easily move toward a more whole food diet
  • Learn new healthy eating habits
  • Experience better digestion and a more balanced gut bacteria :)

Learn to love food again and your body will thank you :). It begins on Monday, May 14th!

When you join the workshop you'll receive:

  • A welcome email
  • Detailed instructions via email each week (sent on Saturday, to be started on Monday)
  • Food, recipe ideas, and inspirational emails 1 - 2 x per week
  • Support and all of your questions answered via a private Facebook group
  • More energy, expanded taste buds, and new foods added into your everyday diet

Lisa shares her knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and even easier to implement in your life. By starting with small changes and incorporating more when able I have experienced increased energy, less headaches and muscle aches and the ability to concentrate clearly. Definitely not a quick fix but a lifestyle change.  

~ C.B. in Kamloops

Register now! It begins May 14, 2018!

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