Taking care of ourselves, in little ways everyday, can be a catalyst for a healthier community.


Health doesn’t need to be complicated. Little changes in the way you eat can have a big impact on the way you feel and live. I know first hand that change isn’t easy (growing up, veggies just weren’t for me), but my journey taught me a lot about how to make it work, even for the most stubborn of us. Together we can make change happen for you. 


I won't just tell you what to eat, my goal is to help you know how to eat. 

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Digestive health

Do you struggle with your unique digestive puzzle? Learn the surprisingly easy steps to heal your digestive system.

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Intuitive eating

Learn the language of your body so you know WHY you’re having symptoms and cravings. 

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Wellness Coaching

Learn the skills you need to create healthy and lasting change in your life. 


Where you've seen me

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