Lisa is a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration, not just about what to eat to be healthier, but about how to eat to feel happy and energetic.  I love her positive, realistic, and enthusiastic approach.
Lisa doesn't see healthy eating as "one size fits all."  She excels at empowering people to use simple steps and their own mindful observations to find what foods and approaches work best for them as individuals.
Lisa is very knowledgeable; she draws from a wealth of information and recipes as well as her own experiences with health concerns such as junk food cravings, digestive issues, and asthma.
I have really appreciated Lisa's personal encouragement and great webinars and blog as I've worked to overcome food sensitivities and poor eating habits.  I highly recommend her!

~ K.N. in Coldstream

It was wonderful working with you!
Thank you for all your expertise and encouragement. I left feeling very happy that I have a more concrete "doable" plan for the future. Thank you for all your advice. I never felt rushed and that all my questions were well as you offering to answer any others that I had by email.
Much appreciated :)
~ A.K. in Kelowna

After coming down with a bout of severe Gastroenteritis in March 2014, I was at a loss to figure out what was going on with me.  I was always a very healthy individual. Side effects from the gastroenteritis left me with constant nausea, severe acid reflux and inflammation of the esophagus and entire digestive system. Doctors put me on medication to keep the reflux a bay, while I was waiting for further testing to get to the bottom of what was going on. For over a year I just wasn't feeling any better, and hardly able to eat any food without making my symptoms feel worse. I was losing weight and muscle mass at an alarming rate and my husband suggested I go and visit a nutritionist. 
We found Lisa Kilgour and after the first consultation, I was hopeful thatI would be able to start eating again! Over the next few months, thanks to Lisa, I  was slowly getting my energy back. With Lisa's guidance we found foods that were gentle, but highly nutritious, that my tender digestive system could handle. It's been over 18 months since my initial bout with gastroenteritis. 
After endless tests and visits with specialists, we have found out I have severe nerve damage in my stomach, which is causing me to stay on a restricted diet.  With Lisa's guidance, I am slowly bouncing back. Although I still need to be on medication to curb the reflux, I've definitely come a long way.  Lisa has been the biggest factor in my recovery. Without her, I wouldn't have made it this far. Lisa is delightful! She's personable, listens to your symptoms, and really knows her stuff!  I highly recommend Lisa - I am so thankful to have found her! 
~ Andrea D. Penticton BC

Lisa Kilgour is one of my favourite educators! She has spoken several times at my store,  Health Essentials in Victoria.  After every talk we have customers requesting to have her back for another informative night.  Lisa is incredibly knowledgeable and stays educated with the most current information.  She is able to clearly deliver information in a fun and humorous way so that people are able to understand and enjoy her knowledge.  Her effortless style of education inspires people in taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle and her passion is contagious!   
Thank you Lisa for your dedication to our community
~ Lynn Vu, co-owner of Health Essentials in Victoria

When I came to see Lisa I was exhausted, sickly and overwhelmed. Right from the start she impressed me with her upbeat and enthusiastic attitude. She has an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise and was able to explain enough of the science behind the steps I was taking to make me understand how important they each were, as well as how they would work within my body. Lisa provides those Eureka moments when you feel the lightbulb go on, and it all just falls into place. She has become my cheerleader and is as excited about my successes as I am. I’m very happy to have found Lisa and feel completely confident that she will help me to achieve my health goals.
~ E.J., Penticton

I would like to tell you about my GREATLY improved health since my consultations with Lisa. I am a 43-year-old insulin dependent diabetic (since the age of 18), who has had very poor blood sugar control and major stomach issues (irritable bowel, hiatal hernia) for many, many years. Since changing the way I eat, (including what I don’t eat) my blood sugar and stomach issues have remarkably improved.
In just 2 months my HA1C level has gone from 8.4 to 7.3, which is amazing if you’re a diabetic! My stomach problems do not exist unless I eat the wrong foods, and my irritable bowel symptoms are under control. I only wish that I had the opportunity to have Lisa’s expertise applied to my life years ago as it would have saved a lot of pain and suffering as well as poorly managed blood sugar control. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart, Lisa, for doing what you do.
D.T. in Penticton

Lisa, you are fabulous! :) Your talk was very engaging and I learned so much. I appreciated how you were easily able to tailor what you were talking about to fit in with where people were in their learning about nutrition when they asked you questions. I was entertained the entire time! Thank-you so much for that. You gave so much and I left feeling inspired, motivated, and better equipped to make healthier food choices. You have a certain passion and charisma that only people can be born with.
~ Rosie from

My name is Tyler Ray Sauve, founder of Searching 4 Solutions, Life Mastery Workshops. I have been a diabetic for 15 years and I had thought I had a pretty good understanding of the impact and power of food choices had on my body. I certainly had a more intimate understanding of the effects of poor eating choices than most...until I met Lisa Kilgour, RHN. Her passion and thirst for knowledge is impressive. My entire education had been based on survival, I had learned what I had to do to survive comfortably. She has a huge desire to truly improve the lives of other people, and fully understand the effect our diet has on our body, our emotions, our lifestyle, and even our self-esteem and outlook on life. I was impressed right from the start.
After having her speak at several of my workshops, all of us were eager to hear what gem of knowledge Lisa would share with us next. In a fun, informative, and charismatic demeanor, Lisa has always exceeded my expectations in her dedication towards serving others. Without a doubt in my mind, I think that everyone who cares about their health should be using Lisa’s services. Thank-you so much Lisa.
Tyler Ray Sauvé, founder of