The Adrenal Fatigue Code Quiz


Where are you on The Adrenal Fatigue Code? Are you a Superstar? Coffee Addict? Maybe a Zombie? 

It'll just take a few mins to find out :). It's 1 point for each yes to find out where you're at in The Adrenal Fatigue Code -

In the last year:

  1. I often find myself absently scrolling through social media during my downtime

  2. Every time my phone makes a noise, I find myself with a bit of anxiety.

  3. I crash almost every day around 3pm. I need caffeine and/or something sweet to get through the rest of my day.

  4. I’m often less patient then I’d like to be with my kids, my partner, and/or my colleagues.

  5. I struggle to be present and mindful throughout my day. My mind is always elsewhere.

  6. Every minute of my day is booked

  7. My to-do list is endless.

  8. “If only I can get ahead, I’ll feel better” or “If only I can get through this project or busy time, I’ll feel better” regularly runs through my head.

  9. My exercise routine has gotten WAY off track, I just don’t have the time or energy.

  10. I’m often find myself dropping the ball, when in the past that would never happen.

  11. I spend all day waiting for bedtime.

  12. I often get sick when I have a few days off or when I go on vacation.

  13. I feel extra jumpy while driving, when I hear a loud noise, and/or when my phone rings. 

  14.  I find myself looking for a magic pill or exercise that will give myself back my old energy.

  15. I regularly misplace my keys and phone. I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached!

  16. I feel so foggy that I can barely think. 

  17. I need to write everything down so I don’t forget.

  18. I’ve gone to my doctor to find out what’s wrong. All of the tests have come back okay…but I intuitively know that there’s something wrong.

  19. I also have low thyroid, digestive troubles, and/or an autoimmune condition.

  20. I feel groggy for hours every morning, and sometimes I never feel fully awake even after 2 cups of coffee. 

  21. All I want to eat is salty foods, especially potato chips.

  22. Sweet foods have never looked so good. I’m craving them all the time, especially chocolate.

  23. I feel so tense, my muscles are so tight.

  24. The only time I feel like myself is around 9pm or 10pm. I suddenly wake up and I feel like I can rule the world (count this as 2 points)

  25. I’m exhausted all day, but I can’t sleep at night. 

  26. I sometimes feel dizzy or spacey if I stand up too quickly after bending down.

  27. I feel like all of the energy has been sucked out of me by the end of my workday.

  28. My libido is gone and/or I’m having fertility issues.

  29. I feel dizzy if I stand up too quickly, or when I bend over to tie my shoe.

  30. I’ve put on some extra weight around my waist, and it won’t budge!

  31. My mood is all over the place. 

  32. I’ve never been so anxious and/or depressed.

  33. My blood sugar is all over the place, I feel shaky and irritable when I’m hungry.

  34. My blood pressure always tends to be low

  35. My morning cup of coffee has become multiple cups…but I still don’t feel that boost I’m looking for.

  36. Where has my pep and drive gone? I miss it a lot, I used to love being busy!

  37. I can’t work anymore, I can barely get out of bed

  38.  I’m so exhausted that standing up for more than a few minutes is hard, making food or running errands is impossible

  39. I feel so alone. My friends, family, and even my doctors don’t understand what’s going on.

1 – 5 points -  You're a Superstar!!
Driven, inspired, unstoppable

You’re a super mom/wife/friend/person. If someone wants something done they always comes to you. Because you’re that person who always gets it done no matter what. 

Once you set your mind to something you always accomplish it. There’s nothing more satisfying than a completed to do list. You easily juggle lots of balls in the air, and frequently, people tell you that what you do looks effortless. Your schedule is often jam-packed, but that’s okay because that’s the way you like it. 

You’re doing it all with ease, and you’re happy to do it each and everyday. Your day often starts at 5am and it’s go go go all day long.

You’re a full-time parent, working a full-time job, while also managing the house, volunteering, driving the kids to their games/activities. You’re the house chef, maid, and shopper, and the household wine expert. You're everything, and you love it!

6 - 10 points – Superstar…on your way to Stress Addict (early warning)
Be careful, Superstar. You're still a super mom/wife/friend/person...but your energy is starting to wane. You're on your way to Coffee Addict.

This is a great time to bring a relaxing self-care routine into your life and have more fun. Life can't be all work, work, work, and family/life commitments. 

11 – 20 points – You're a Stress Addict
Struggling, tired, determined to get through this

You used to be the person who had it all together but in every aspect of your life you’re struggling to keep your shit together. There’s just as many good days as bad ones and you feel that the go go go of day-to-day life is catching up with you.

And you’re thinking to yourself…is this just because I’m getting older? You probably find yourself cancelling plans with friends on the weekend from time-to-time because you just don’t have the energy. 

You’re probably enjoying at least 3 cups of coffee per day (maybe more)…and don’t forget that glass (…or bottle) of wine at the end of the day. But you find that as soon as you finally sit down on the couch and relax, you’re fast asleep before your favourite show is over. 

You might find yourself dropping the ball from time to time on your commitments. Your confidence is shaken, you just don’t know if you can still do it. 

If only there was a magic pill to make you feel back to normal again. 

21 – 33 points – You're in Zombie Mode
Can the day just be over yet?

You are TIRED, foggy, anxious, and forgetful. You’re no longer able to cope and getting through your day is nearly impossible. Your evenings and weekends are spent recovering so you can start it all again on Monday. (sigh)

Your evenings are spent bingeing yet another Netflix show and on the weekends you find yourself thinking about all of the parties, activities, and housework that need to get done but you can’t seem to get yourself out of bed. You feel so guilty because you simply cant muster up the energy to make it happen. 

You can barely conjure up enough energy to go to the grocery store. Even that 3pm coffee doesn’t work the way it used to. 

You’re not feeling confident, and frankly, you’re almost too tired to care.

34+ points – Code Red...but I bet you're not too surprised
Now it’s time to step away from life to recover

You no longer have enough cortisol to work, heck, you don’t have enough cortisol to stand up for longer than 10 or 15 mins at a time. Everyday life has become impossible, and other symptoms (like digestive issues, body pain, etc.) have popped up too to add to your stress. 

You feel alone and you’re struggling. 

No matter where you find yourself on The Adrenal Fatigue Code, healing is possible. Just stick with me and we'll get you back to Superstar soon :)