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2017 Webinar Series - ONE Short Year to Good Health

Join me for this FREE monthly webinar series in 2017. Each month we’ll talk about a new topic and we will work together to break through any negative relationships with food by getting to root of your digestive issues, understanding why you crave sugar, and dive into how you can support your body with nutrition. 30 minutes at the end of each webinar will be saved to answer all of your questions.

It’s going to be a fun, inspiring, and transformational year!


January - Real Change – You Can do it!

February - The Terrible Angry Hungries

March – The Truth Behind Cravings

April -– 7 Steps to Food Freedom - learn what your body really wants

May - Why am I so tired?

June – When it’s More Than Just Tummy Troubles

July – It Surprising Importance of Summer Eating

August – The Gut/Brain Connection

September – 5 Reasons We Crave Sugar

October – Time to Dive into Fall Warming Foods

November – Calories Don’t Count – the fallacy of the math of nutrition

December – The Gut/Immune Connection

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