RECIPE - Healthy Peppermint Patties

As a kid, my all-time favourite treat was After Eights. I waited all year to find those delightfully sweet and minty little wafers in my stocking. I was so excited when I discovered this recipe - the taste of After Eights, but using only 4 healthy ingredients. It seemed too good to be true :).

This recipe was adapted from a version created by fellow R.H.N. Lisa Marie Bhattacharya

Peppermint Patties

Serving: 12 patties


½ cup coconut oil (virgin will leave a coconut taste, I prefer non-virgin for this recipe)**

¼ cup unpasteurized honey

½ teaspoon peppermint oil

½ to 1 cup dark chocolate chips


In a small bowl, combine coconut oil, honey and peppermint oil, mixing with a spoon.

Smash clumps of coconut oil against the side of a bowl until the mixture is smooth.

Use a 1.5 teaspoon ice cream scoop to measure out little balls and place onto a parchment paperlined plate. Squish balls down into flat little patties on parchment paper.

Put patties into the freezer until firm.

Melt chocolate over very low heat; allow to cool slightly.

Dip patties into melted chocolate (use spoon to drop patty into melted chocolate, dip and remove).

Place patties on parchment paper to harden (takes 10 minutes though on a summer day you may need to refreeze).

**for the best, After Eight-y taste, my favourite coconut oil to use is Maison Orphee’s Deodorized Coconut Oil (NOT the virgin version, it’s good too but leaves a bit of a coconut taste)