How to Love our Bones

It’s hard to “see” our bones, to see how they’re doing, or to understand what they need day-to-day. So instead, think of your bones as a bank account of minerals.

How is your account doing?

When your body has extra minerals (minerals that weren’t needed in your day), they get stored in your bones for later.

And your body is smart and will strengthen the bones that need it – which are the bones you’re using. Strengthening a muscle sends a signal that this bone needs to be strengthened too. That’s why weight-bearing exercise is so important.

Stress and your bones

I believe that stress plays a big role in our long-term bone health, and the reason is simple. On a day when you’re feeling stressed – maybe due to a stressful meeting, or on going family or financial stress - your body feels it is in physical danger.

So, if you were in the middle of a physical threat, what would you want your body to do? Keep you alive of course.

To do that, your body will use every single mineral, nutrient, and resource available to keep you alive today.

That’s its only priority – stay alive today.

Your body is not concerned at all about your long-term survival. It’s not concerned that your bones could use a top up with minerals. Those minerals are needed to get through today.

The issue is, right now stress isn’t a rare situation; it’s an everyday occurrence. For some it’s an all day, everyday occurrence. No wonder our bones aren’t doing so well.

There are some simple ways to keep your mineral bank account high and your joints happy:

1.    Use your muscles! – your bones are only as strong as the muscles attached to them. Stay strong! If mobility is an issue, chair yoga, swimming, or using soup cans as weights can keep your muscle tone.

2.    Mineral dense foods – cooked veggies, fresh veggie juices, bone stock, nuts and seeds will give your body tons of extra minerals.

3.    Bone matrix supplements – bone building is MUCH more than just calcium. Look for a multi-mineral formula that also contains magnesium, boron, and silica, as well as others.

Your bones are a reflection of your long-term lifestyle. Keep stress as low as you can (I know, easier said than done), fill your diet full of minerals, and use your muscles and you’ll build happy, healthy bones.