RECIPE - Gut Healing Chia Chocolate Pudding

I love it when healing foods are also wonderfully delicious…and this recipe combines the two perfectly.

Chia chocolate pudding is rich, creamy, sweet, and lovely. It’s sinfully delicious.

And, the chia seeds are wonderful gut healers. They’re a very gentle source of fibre, a fibre that also feeds good bacteria and soothes and heals your intestinal wall.

Plus, it’s flavoured with cocoa or raw cacao - both are sources of the relaxing mineral magnesium, which can unwind tense muscles and soothe a crampy gut.

It’s my go to anytime I’m dealing with mild to severe gut issues and it’s my favourite medicinal food to recommend to clients.

It’s almost too good to be true. But it is good AND true :)

I usually just eyeball my recipe, but I made a batch earlier today just so I could write down the measurements (it was a such a sacrifice to enjoy some chia pudding :).

Just use my ingredient list as a basic guideline - all that matters is that the liquid tastes good to you before you add the chia seeds. It’s a super flexible recipe.

Chia Chocolate Pudding

Serves 2 - 4, takes 10 mins to prepare and a few hours to set

  • 2 cups non-dairy milk (I usually use coconut milk)

  • 1 - 2 tbsp of maple syrup (to your taste)

  • 4 - 6 tbsp cocoa or raw cacao (I like it rich, and I use dutch processed dark chocolate cocoa)

  • 1/2 cup chia seeds

Optional add ons -

  • sliced banana or other fruit

  • 1 tsp vanilla

  • pinch of sea salt (brings out the sweetness, especially if you’re a salt craver or like salted chocolate)

  • 1 tbsp of coffee (brings out chocolate flavour, but don’t use if your gut is crampy/painful)

  • whipped coconut cream

Directions -

Mix all of the ingredients, EXCEPT CHIA in a bowl or blender. Whisk or blend until the cocoa is mixed thoroughly. Give it a taste - is it good? If so, proceed. If not, adjust the ingredients (like add more maple syrup or cocoa).

When it tastes good, pour the liquid into a serving bowl or 4 small ramekins. Stir in chia (1/2 cup into a bowl, or 2 tablespoons into each ramekin).

Leave on the counter and stir occasionally until it sets (takes a few hours). Or, stir again in 10 mins and pop into the fridge overnight. Refrigerate any leftovers (if there are any leftovers :).

Not thick enough? Just add more chia :)

Don’t want to wait? Just blend the chia with the liquid and it will set right away :). It’ll be a different texture, but it’s still healing and delicious :)

Enjoy it on its own, or make it fancier with some whipped coconut cream. And enjoy!