RECIPE - Bone Broth

I generally like to live in reality...I personally don't enjoy the sensationalism of the current trend of "click-bait" health article titles. Ones that over promise...and frequently cause us to be more confused about what we need to eat or what to do be healthy.

When asked, "what's the healthiest food to eat?", my go-to answer is; "all of them, just eat a variety of healthy, whole foods that you like". While that may seem like an overly simplistic answer...generally it is true :).

But there is one food that could be considered a little bit healthier than others, one that kinda has superpowers. 

And that's a homemade bone broth! Yes, your grandma was right all along :)

It's chock-full of minerals, the entire bone matrix, which helps the body heal when dealing with stress or a chronic health condition (SUPER great for your bones!). It also contains gelatin, which can heal and seal any leakiness in your gut. It's a food superhero!

The caveat - you need to make it yourself to get all of the health benefits. Although there are some commercial bone broths that do sound promising (they'll be in the freezer at your local health food store, and will be EXPENSIVE!). The type of broth that comes in a tetra pack in your grocery store doesn't contain any of the good's best used just as a flavouring for soup. 

For vegetarians - don't worry, you can still be very healthy without it. It's just a really cool food :).

The BEST news is, making your own homemade stock is SUPER DUPER easy! Just follow the instructions below. 

If you have a recipe you already love, just add these 2 important additions - a long simmer (12 - 72 hours), and a splash of vinegar. These steps ensure you pull all of the glorious minerals and gelatin out of your bones.


  • 4 pounds (approx) mixed bones (heads, feet, marrow, knuckles, etc) chicken, beef, fish, venison, etc. (ensure to skim all fat off broth if using venison)
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 onion
  • Splash raw apple cider vinegar
  • water to fill the pot
  • Sea salt, peppercorns, bay leaf to taste


Place all ingredients in a large stock pot and fill with cool water.

Move pot to the burner and place over medium heat to create a low simmer. Ideally where just barely bubbling.

Keep at this temperature at least 12-24 hours but as long as 72 hours! Scum will collect on the surface and remove as necessary with a spoon.

Strain out the bones and vegetable material and move liquid to (preferably) glass storage containers (I use mason jars).

Bone Broth freezes well in ice cube trays as well as larger mason jars.

Alternatively –

Place all ingredients in a crock pot. Simmer on low for the day. From this, one can remove and filter the liquid into jars, then add more water and simmer for another day. Repeat until bones are falling apart.

Ways to enjoy it

Use it as the base for your fave soup or stew recipe, or use it instead of water when making rice, quinoa, or your fave grain. Or, just put it into a mug and enjoy!

If you're looking to heal your leaky gut, or are dealing with a chronic health condition, try to have 1 - 2 cups everyday. If you're just looking to increase your health, have it 1 - 2x per week.