Your Chocolate Cravings are Medicinal :)

Cravings can be hard to overcome. Many experts have many different techniques to banish your cravings for good. 

Do they work? Sometimes? Kinda?

I have a different (and kinder) approach :)

I don't see your cravings as something to overcome, I see them as information. Incredibly important information. Some of the best information that your body gives.

Your body uses cravings as a way of asking for something it's looking for and the trick is to learn how to interpret your body's language. 

Once you've learned what your body is asking for you can feed your body what it wants, and poof! Your craving is satisfied :). 

Chocolate cravings are VERY common, I'd say it's the #1 craving I see. 

I love chocolate cravings because they're (usually) a sign that your body is looking for one very important nutrient. A delightful and relaxing nutrient :)

What nutrient is that? Click on the video to find out!

(this 7min video is also filled with ideas on how to satisfy this lovely craving :)

What’s your favourite way to enjoy chocolate? Share it with us in the comments below :)