Dieting vs. Real Life Healthy Eating

A lot of new clients come to me wanting/hoping/expecting to be told exactly what to eat so they can feel better. 

They want a plan, a guide, or a list of good foods vs. bad foods so that their diet confusion can finally be over. 

The problem is, unfortunately, that doesn’t exist.

And I get it! The nutrition world is full of contradictions and it can be so so SO confusing to figure out what to eat.

BUT! The solution is SO much easier…which is pretty darn swell if I do say so myself :).

The problem with dieting –

Oh, I really wish there was a diet I could tell you to go on. One that “works for everyone”, one that solves all of your dietary problems.

But the problem with dieting is two-fold –

(actually, there are many more than 2 problems, but these are the main ones :)

1. We each have a very unique constitution, and we each need a unique balance of carbs, fat, protein, and nutrients. 

For some, a high protein diet is what their body LOVES. They feel great, have tons of energy, and their weight balances out. For others, it triggers GIANT sugar cravings all day. 

For me, my body likes lots of fat and starches. If I fed all of my clients my Lisa-specific diet, some would feel good but many would feel tired and sluggish.

We’re all so unique and our uniqueness needs to be celebrated :)

2. When you’re on a diet the only end result is that you’ll go off that diet.

Being on a diet takes work, planning, and most importantly, it takes willpower. 

You don’t have an unlimited supply of willpower, it’s like a muscle and will get tired eventually. If your new dietary changes are still taking daily effort and planning, it will be darn near impossible to keep that up when your willpower muscle gets tired.

Every time you say no to a food, you use up willpower. Every time you have to consciously change your habits, you use up willpower.

Dieting takes A LOT of willpower. Some people have tons of the stuff and they can stay on diets for months or even years. Others, like me, have a very limited supply of willpower and can use it all up within a few days (I’ve never lasted more than a week on a diet…).

But, the bottom line is – no matter how much willpower you have, it WILL get used up eventually, and when it does your diet will go out the window. Only the dietary changes you love and enjoy will stick around.

What is Real Life Healthy Eating?

Want to make dietary changes that your body LOVES and doesn’t need any (or very little) willpower?  Enter real life healthy eating.

This is a method of eating that I’ve been using for myself and with my clients for over 10 years. And, the best part, it works :)

The concept is simple – eat food and notice how it feels. If it feels good, great! If it doesn’t, just feel it and notice the not-so-great feeling.

Quickly, without much effort, you’ll start gravitating toward the food that feels really really good, and you’ll eat less of the food that doesn’t.

Craving a cookie? Then eat one! You don’t have to say no to your craving, all you have to do is sit down, taste it, and enjoy it. Then notice how you feel afterward. 

Worried that you’ll keep eating the whole box? Chances are high you won’t…because if you REALLY pay attention to how you feel, that cookie stops feeling good pretty quickly. And you won’t feel so good afterwards. 

For me, I still love cookies…but I love a bite of a cookie or a healthier version of a cookie

No more deprivation. No more denying yourself of the foods you love. No more confusion.

Real life healthy eating is just plain glorious, and I want this gloriousness in all of your lives :).

Want to know more? Download my 3 Steps to Real Life Healthy Eating Guide :).

What is your favourite food that feels AMAZING every time you eat it? Share it with us below in the comments.

My favourites – a piece of fruit, a slice of freshly baked sourdough bread, and a square of dark chocolate. These are my body’s favourite foods (and mine too :).

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